#1 Payment Gateway as a service solution

Enterprise Payment Gateway is provided by SaaS model or as a White Label solution with your branding. Fast start. No risks. Fixed rate.


Fast start

We allow you to very quickly launch the monetization of your online business under your brand, without investments and risks. Bank cards, digital wallets, cryptocurrency - accepting payments around the world through a large partner network of acquirers and payment providers.


No risks

You do not need to spend time and money on the development of your payment platform, on PCI DSS, on integration with acquirers. We rent out (SaaS model) our Payment Gateway platform ready to use with multiple integrated acquirers and providers. Plug and play. Zero risks.


Fixed rate

You pay a flat rate for successful transactions, and you only pay if you earn a small fraction of your income. You don't need to invest money in developing a payment solution and wait for a return on investment (ROI). You start earning immediately after launch. No investment.

Don't waste time and money developing your payment gateway - take everything ready

High-Risk Features

TNXHUB® software has functionality specially adapted to the high-risk merchants.

Low-Risk Solutions

We offer a payment platform for low risk merchants, which allows you to start your internet business quickly and simply with full customization of the payment interfaces.

Global Acquiring

TNXHUB® has a global coverage and is integrated with many acquirers, banks and PSPs worldwide. We provide favorable technical working conditions.

Risk management

Our solutions allow you to manage the risks that arise when working with acquirers or customers. With the help of such features as smart routing, cascading, one-click you will increase the conversion of your payments.

Payout service

Our system ensures the reliability of payouts and settlements, so you can be assured that both you and your customers will always receive all payments on time.

Fraud prevention

TNXHUB® includes customer data analysis tools to help businesses detect and prevent fraudulent transactions while approving more orders. Our platform is a highly effective fraud prevention system.


We offer Payment Gateway PCI DSS PSP Level 1 platform, a lot of acquirers and providers, currencies, payment methods, high-quality business and technical support and an individual solution to your problems.

Payment & Payouts

TNXHUB® makes it possible to accept payment for goods and services by bank cards of users and also make payments to bank cards


TNXHUB® has direct integration with a lot of acquiring banks, which allows it to conduct multiple transactions processing

Cascading payments

The service uses the cascading logic of transaction flow to maximize the conversion of payments

Full UI customization

TNXHUB® provides an opportunity to completely change the appearance of the payment form for Customer’s website design adaptation

One-click payments

Online customers can easily pay merchants for their products and services in a single click, using One Click Payment technology

Smart routing

Based on the data of bank cards and user data, the system chooses the most optimal routes for conducting payment transactions

Card tokenization

This function allows to store information about the user's bank card as a token, that does not require a PCI DSS compliance certificate

Recurring payments

Recurring billing service encourages users of an e-commerce website to automate the payment process of repeat transactions

Fraud protection

This service, based on the analysis of user data and its behavior, predicts the likelihood of fraud and prevents it

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